Cory Gardner for Senate 2014

After much consideration, Gardner Path has decided to endorse Cory Gardner for Senate in 2014. The United States Congress is hardly functioning these days, with an abysmal reputation that political ends should always trump the good of the nation. As our Senator, Cory Gardner will demonstrate to the nation that Coloradans also strongly value politics over policy, divisiveness over negotiation, and the power of money over all.

In a time when Congress is known for its political stunts and its inability to pass even the most important legislation, Cory Gardner has stood out as a leader and will continue this record in the Senate. When faced with any Obama appointee, Gardner is known for being the loudest voice in the room, scoring political points with video clip one-liners. In Congress, these antics are highly important to the process and Colorado needs to ensure its voice is loudest.

I'll post something at some point

I've had a lot of folks emailing me to see when I'm going to start writing. Well, I don't know when is the answer. There's a lot of material and there's a need to have folks be better educated about Gardner, but doing so well takes time that I don't have at the moment. Some of us can't live off taxpayer salaries subsidized by our spouse's oil-company supported "jobs." So, I'll get around to posting something when I can.

Stay classy, Colorado.

Gardner using taxpayer funds to pay more than $50,000 salary for Coffman's campaign staff

A while ago, we reported that Cory Gardner was using tax payer funds to pay a hefty salary to his chief of staff, who had moved on to serve as Mike Coffman's campaign director. With the recent release of additional House Disbursement reports, there can be no doubt that Chris Hansen has continued to receive payments from Gardner's office for his work on Mike Coffman's campaign. This is a violation of House Ethics Rules and, potentially, a violation of federal law.

Forget the car, Gardner's office is paying a huge salary to Mike Coffman's campaign manager

UPDATE: 7 September, 2012 - Gardner using taxpayer funds to pay more than $50,000 salary for Coffman's campaign staff $20,978 on a leased car between taking office and March 31, 2012? That's about $1,400 per month that we have been paying for. Unable to come up with a better reason for the expenditure, Gardner blames a rule enacted by Nancy Pelosi. Oh come on, can't come up with anything better than that? Looten Plunder Speaker Boehner's first act in office was to forbid low-waste coffee cups in the House and revert to styrofoam. I'd think he would have reversed a policy like this.

Despite High Park Fire raging, Cory Gardner votes against wildfire prevention because I don't know why

Hey! Mr. Gardner! Did you notice that 60,000 acre fire burning in your congressional district? It's right there! See it? NOW WHY DID YOU VOTE AGAINST BETTER WILDFIRE PREVENTION?!?!??

This evening, Rep. Cory Gardner voted against an amendment to a bill that added three sections to a bill amending the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

Three sections:


New Cory Gardner 2012 campaign yard sign introduced!

Cory Gardner "This new logo reflects the true spirit of our campaign, showing the importance of oil at all costs, because it makes me money."

I thought perhaps Representative Gardner's yard signs could use a bit of a retooling to better represent what he stands for in Congress. Back in his 2010 campaign, he said that his sign represented "the entire 4th Congressional District, from its mountains to the plains. That is what makes my campaign different – a background that reflects a deep connection with every corner of the district.”

House to look at Med Mal tomorrow - It still won't do a thing for the people Gardner "represents"

According to the Democratic Whip (Rep. Hoyer), the House will begin consideration of H.R. 5 tomorrow. This bill was recently renamed, but the essence remains the same: national medical malpractice reform. This issue has long been a Republican rallying cry, with Gardner and his buds crying about how it would reduce health costs nationwide. Without saying much more, I thought I should just point you to a past post by Gardner Path explaining that this will do nothing for health care in Colorado, the state Cory Gardner supposedly represents. You see, Colorado has already enacted all but one of the provisions of this "new bill" in the U.S. House, yet health costs in Colorado continue to climb at a rate higher than the national average.

It's been too long (and a news dump...)

Just as Cory Gardner considers the needs of his constituents as a secondary priority to his main focus of puckering up to the oil industry, for me this blog is a secondary priority to my main focuses in life (including paying work). I do apologize for the great delay in posting, but money is more important than providing the people of Colorado with information. Wait, that is Gardner's motto too! We have a lot in common I guess. Well, I don't do indecent or unethical things for my money, so we aren't exactly alike. I will try to post again in the near future, but in the meantime, enjoy a few links I found crowding my Google Alerts mailbox. And enjoy that beautiful Colorado March weather. Cory Gardner won't give a straight answer to an 18 year old who is irked at the deflection.

Cory Gardner flip flops on use of eminent domain when oil money is involved

With all of his grandstanding on the Keystone XL pipeline, one issue Cory Gardner has ignored completely is the fact that the oil companies are using eminent domain to take interests in farmland that sit in the path of the pipeline. Eminent domain is the power of a government to seize private property to put it to a public use providing compensation, but not requiring consent. While a state rep, Cory Gardner introduced two bills to stop eminent domain use to benefit private companies. Unfortunately, now it appears he has changed his mind and thinks it is a good thing for a private oil company to use eminent domain to take farmers' property without their consent. Never forget folks, Cory Gardner is owned by oil companies and he has no problem taking your property for their gain.

Brandon Shaffer to stay on to fight for the 4th District: We are watching

Last night, Brandon Shaffer's campaign announced that he will, in fact, remain in the race against Cory Gardner for the 4th Congressional District of Colorado. From his release:

I have represented this area in the State Senate for the past seven years. We have built many lasting, strong relationships in Northern Colorado. I’m not running for Congress just to seek political office; I’m running to represent the people. And the people I know best are those in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District.

Gardner's Boggsville Boondoggle

Cory Gardner was recently "pleased to announce" that the National Park Service was looking at the Boggsville Historic area as a potential Unit for federal preservation. The site looks to be an important historic site, so I can't fault the NPS for looking at it. But I have my doubts about whether Gardner should be touting the study, seeing as his GOP Congress cut more than $140 million from the NPS budget this year.

Gardner's budget cutting fanaticism is completely at odds with his desire to tout federal programs that will help Colorado's communities. The Boggsville site is currently funded by the Pioneer Historical Society of Bent County and I'm sure they could use some help. Further, the site appears to fit nicely with the area's federally funded historical sites, including Bent's Old Fort, already operated by the NPS.

Who is this Kevin Lundberg guy? A quick primer...

Kevin Lundberg

Since I have a particular interest in Larimer County and I can't vote against Cory Gardner in 2012, I thought it would be wise for me to find out who this Kevin Lundberg guy is.

All I can find is that he thinks gay marriage is the most important issue facing the United States, and has thought so for many years, and that he was pushing the personhood issue WAY before it was cool. He seems to be a Christian crusader that's not all that focused on the things the rest of us are concerned about.

Cory Gardner and SOPA: A matter of dollars and more dollars

Cory Gardner has not yet come out in favor of or against SOPA, the "Stop Online Piracy Act" that is getting quite a lot of attention these days. If you don't know about this bill, here's what the Electronic Frontier Foundation has to say about it:

As drafted, the legislation would grant the government and private parties unprecedented power to interfere with the Internet's domain name system (DNS). The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to redirect or dump users' attempts to reach certain websites' URLs. ...

After a year, it's still just as frustrating to follow Cory Gardner...

One year ago today, Cory Gardner was sworn into office as the Representative for Colorado's Fourth District. Exactly 11 months ago today, I registered the domain to offer my own thoughts on his (mis)representation of the District. I thought today would be a good time to look back on the last year.

Thinking back, I'm not sure what it was exactly that caused me to start blogging, something I had never attempted before. I was certainly frustrated that Gardner had won the 2010 election, but politics has always been frustrating and never caused me to form the bad habit of blogging before.